Somethin’ special

This a place where I keep all those projects that don’t really fit anywhere else.


Candy hearts

I worked with Al Murphy to create this illustration for our Valentine's Day Kindle icon. Later, I suggested Al work with us to create this set of digital stickers art directed by Amy King.


Snarky valentines

Together with my co-workers (Amy King and Rachel Orr), I created a series of handmade valentines each with its own political or pop culture pun. These are my favorites, but you can see them all here and here.

Nostalgia + christmas

I worked with May Van Millingen to create this series of Christmas morning images that represent festivities for four different generations. The illustrations were printed on the Style cover and posted on the Interwebs.


Easter Peeps

I made these sprinkle covered eggs with Peeps for the Easter Kindle icon. Amy King and I tag teamed the styling and photography.



I made this feature image and logo for Chris Cillizza's game show podcast.

Turkey Day

I worked with Jean-Pierre Le Roux to create this Thanksgiving Kindle icon.


Dad jokes

I worked with Spencer Wilson to create this series of silly dads for Father's Day. I asked readers to submit their favorite dad jokes and compiled the content to create a story that was printed on the Style cover and published on the Interwebs. People liked it. It even inspired a letter to the editor.