P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S

This is the cool stuff.


Lily Lit Club

I created the visuals for The Lily’s latest venture — an Instagram-only book club. I worked with Jenna Blazevich of Vichcraft to create the logo. Plus, I took, art directed or selected all the photos.


When used correctly

I worked with Lily video editor, Maya Sugarman to create a video series about contraception for Facebook Watch and IGTV. I worked with Chris Piascik to design the series logo and intro animation below. My voice is also featured in the audio. Watch the whole series here.


‘Good Girls’ illustrations

I created three mixed media illustrations for an edition of Lily Lines that featured an interview with Mae Whitman who discussed her show “Good Girls.” The story gained a lot of traction on Twitter after Lauren Graham retweeted the story from my account.


Sand Calligraphy

I hired Andrew van der Merwe of @beachscriber to recreate The Lily's logo in the sand on a South African beach. 


Instagram mural

For Women's Equality Day 2017, I proposed and executed this Instagram mural with illustrator Lydia Ortiz. Each image was one stand-alone Instagram post, but when viewed from The Lily profile, it formed the image below.


“The Post” social campaign

I commissioned three Instagram posters from Jenna Blazevich of Vichcraft to share for “The Post's” limited release, premiere and Oscar nomination.

IMG_1219 (1).jpeg


Team Lily created hand-crafted valentines and clever pop-culture references to accompany them. I photographed and edited each one. View them all here