My name is Amy. I’m a journalist and an artist. This screen you’re staring at is my canvas. And I paint in pixels.

Photo by Ellen Collier

What I do

I work at a magical place called The Washington Post. I’m a digital designer, art director and visual editor for the Emerging News Products team. That's a lot of titles, but my job really boils down to one thing — telling stories.


To love what you do and feel that it matters — how could anything be more fun?

— Katherine Graham, FOrmer owner of the Washington post


I tell stories a little differently though. I’m not a reporter. I don’t interview sources or write paragraphs of information. You’ll rarely see my name in a byline. But my job is essential. I invite readers into stories with visual cues. I make stories stand out. And that's important — especially on the Interwebs.


How I got here

I used to work at The Omaha World-Herald. I was a print designer, who would typically lay out the front page of the newspaper along with a few section covers each week. Before that, I was a student at Ball State University where I studied journalism and design and worked as the creative director for Ball State's student media organizations.


4 years

at Ball State University

1 year

at The Omaha World-Herald

2 years

at The Washington Post


The future is digital. That's what pushed me to pursue a career in a space dominated by technology. That's how I wound up at The Washington Post. And now, every day I get to tell stories. Relevant stories on relevant platforms. That's what I care about. And I hope you do too. 

Photos by Ellen Collier

Photos by Ellen Collier


But wait...

There's more. I’m a real human who lives in Washington surrounded by several dead succulents, because I can’t seem to keep them alive. I love my neighborhood and my quaint little living space in a historic row house on 16th Street. In my spare time, you’ll probably find me exploring D.C., listening to Ed Sheeran, reading biographies about Bachelorette contestants, making monster cookies or flying home to visit my family in Indianapolis.